Strategy & innovation

Accelerate business growth by strong focus on sustainability, digitalisation & customer experiences.

  • Strategy & business/product – service – portfolio overview
  • Insights & research (Trends & technologies)
  • Direction customer value for existing – future customers
  • Vision Roadmap (innovation & digital offerings)
  • Sustainability strategy & circular business models

Direction Go2Market

Create higher success rate with a strong customer focused & digital direction for your Go2Market strategy.

  • Analysis of brand & customer needs marketing/sales
  • Overview & development of business models supporting new offerings
  • Overview of customer & target groups
  • Overview of communication & value propositions across touchpoints
  • Overview of channels
  • Concepts – campaigns for brand & Go2Market
  • Future competencies for sales & marketing

AI advisory & transformation

Be ahead & get inspiration on how to work effectively with AI within organizational processes & workflows.

  • Inspiration on trends & new technologies of relevance for you business
  • Advice on why, what & how to use AI for transformation of your business
  • Ethical Governance & leadership of AI

Leadership & Change

Develop your leadership approach continuously, so it is in line with expectations from society, future employees & customers.

  • Organizational design for innovation & digitalisation
  • Process mapping supporting the strategic direction
  • Leadership sparring
  • Education & training in change management/leadership

Speaks for inspiration

Get inspiration for growth & sustainable business & leadership with different keynotes.

We offer keynotes within the below themes, but you can also contact us, if you have any other request for other themes within innovation, digitalisation & sustainability.


Innovation is a buzzword – but why is it important to have focus on innovation – especially now, when a lot of companies need to focus on digitalisation & AI as new technology?
In this keynote it is highlighted, why, what and how you can work with innovation and digitalisation, and what it means to your future services and the organization of your company.
Based on my own experiences with setting a direction for new digital offerings & go2market for more than 50 companies, I come up with inspiration to, what to have in focus, when you transfer your company from product focus to digital recurring revenue – why some companies succeed and why other fail.
What competencies are needed, and how can you work with diverse teams as a driver for innovation & growth?


Design is a used and abused wording, and a lot of people understand design as giving form and style a product. But design is used more and more as a driver for innovation and growth, because the professional area is good at defining the needs of the user and customer in a different way than the traditional.

Furthermore design is a strong contributor to work more sustainable within product & business development, if you are able to both understand & work with the customer needs in the right way. But what does it require to lead design for sustainable solutions, and what does it require to lead your development teams to create growth and use it for innovation in a strategic foundation?

Make a diverse board to grow your business

Get professional & diverse leadership competencies within your board. For more diversity, digitalization & innovation of value for your business.

  • Setting up the right board requires you have a diverse mix of competencies, depending on the strategy for the company & the maturity of the company.
  • To ensure your board consists of the right competencies within digitalisation, ledership & customer experience & create unique business results – hire our founder Sara Schøler Lass for your board.
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